A project of a daily life, to make you know more and more about the Ballet world, the identity as a dancer as a worker and as a human being.


Dancers from all over the world tell us their typical daily routine during this difficult moment of world pandemic, where many theatral activities are still completely stopped and others have just started with new rules.

“Today, more than ever, we live in an era where television and social networks dominate the interest, value and even the power that theaters and live art once had.
The initiative was therefore born as a brief overview of many daily lives of us dancers in this historical moment and is also an attempt to “clear” some preconceptions about the world of dance and dancers. “
A project organised by: BEYONDANCE
Designed, managed & directed by: Jacopo Giarda
Artistic supervision and coordination: Eugenia Brezzi
Graphic design: Massimiliano Melato
Drawings: Ludovico Brezzi
Pictures copyright: Manuel Bifari, Gherciu_Serghei, fotoartChris, Ashley Taylor, Amisano Brescia, Julien Benhamou, Yasuko Kageyama, Jesus Vallinas, Monja Rothert, Holger Badekow, Guenther Egger, unattimofotografie, Filip Van Roes, Kevin De Borger, Sarali Art, Rünno Lahesoo, Bertil Nielsson, Futura Titta Ferrante, Dean Barucija, Hans Gerritsen, Hans Gerritsen, Jesus Vallinas, Strempelsphotography, Mirka Kleemola, Keaton Leier, Maurizio De Nisi